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Monday-Methodist Duffield


4.00-4.30pm Grade 3 Ballet

4.30-5.00pm Grade 3/4 Tap

5.00-5.45pm Grade 4 Ballet

5.45-6.45pm Grade 7/Inter F Ballet

6.45-7.45pm Grade 8/Intermediate Ballet

7.45-8.45pm Advanced 1 Ballet

Monday Acro Belper 

4.30-5.30pm Junior 1 Acro

5.30-6.00pm  Juvenile Acro Troupe

6.00-7.30pm Junior 2 Acro

All Acro on Monday Classes are held at The Party Palace, Belper

Tuesday Methodist-Duffield

3.45 - 4.15pm   Juvenile Troupe

4.15 - 4.45pm    Junior Troupe

4.45 - 5.15pm   Contemporary 1

5.15 - 5.45pm   Modern 1

Tuesday Studio-Little Eaton


4.30-5.00pm  Contemporary 2

5.00-5.30pm  Modern 2

5.30-6.00pm  Grade 5 Tap

6.00-7.00 Inter Troupe

7.00-7.30pm  Modern 3

7.30-8.00pm  Contemporary 3

Wednesday Methodist-Duffield

4.00-4.45pm Class Ballet/Class Tap

4.45-5.45pm Advanced 1 Ballet

Wednesday Studio-Little Eaton

4.30-5.30pm Her Majesty's Troupe



5.40-7.40pm Inter Acro/Tumble

Thursday Methodist-Duffield


4.00-4.30pm Prelim Ballet /Grade 1

4.30-5.00pm   Preliminary Tap / Grade 1 

5.00-5.30pm   Junior Commercial 

5.30-6.00pm Grade 1/2 Ballet

6.00-6.30 Grade 1/2 Tap

6.30-7.00 Commercial 2 

Thursday Studio-Little Eaton


4.30-5.00pm Advanced 1 Tap

5.00-5.30pm Modern (Senior)

5.30-6.00pm Contemporary (Senior)

6.00-7.00pm Senior Troupe

7.00-7.30pm Inter Commercial


Private Lessons for Festival Work


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